Wedding Dance...

It's your special day.  Let Sonny create your wedding dance with grace and style. Afraid you'll just "clutch and sway" when it comes to your big moment?

Sonny can help you learn the technique and steps that will make you shine on the dance floor and in the eyes of your loving partner.

Email Sonny with your wedding date and song selection. If you would like some help choosing a song let Sonny know your favorite type of music and dance and he can offer some suggestions since he is also a musician!


Planning a Spring Wedding?

Keep warm and prepare for your spring wedding with a Fall-Winter special of only $25 for a 30-minute private lesson.

Additional discounts for new wedding couples after the first two introductory lessons. Keep dancing long after the wedding!

Discounts are also available for members of the family and wedding party.

Email Sonny today or call 615-920-4675 and Let's Dance!

Click here to see Sonny's couple Chad and Christina on their big day.