Because of you, I now stand taller. Dance has not only brought joy into my life, it has added 1/2 an inch to my stature. I have now been dancing with you for a little over a year and just saw the doctor where he measured my height. Over the years, I have "shrunk" about an inch, but at my last check up, I grew. I can only attribute it to dancing and posture.  Thanks for all your help and for making me "GROW" in many ways. - Dolly N.


I love ballroom dancing from the cha-cha to the foxtrot, but, in the past, I have felt off balance and uncomfortable, even with simple patterns . I kept taking group lessons and even some private lessons but I didn't think I looked good and many times I didn't feel comfortable following my partners.

Then I started taking group lessons from Sonny and I began to see how my whole body, from my head to my hips to my toes, must move correctly in order for me to stay balanced and comfortable. It is not just my feet and following patterns, learning to dance means understanding the correct technique for moving my whole body on the dance floor.

Using Latin dances, Sonny has a unique way of teaching basic movements that gives his students a great foundation for learning patterns and having fun. Many of his students win at competitions because of how well they move. I now enjoy my dancing! I have more confidence and I look forward to many years of lessons and dancing. THANK YOU, Sonny!!" - Cynthia B.

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