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Welcome to my learning page. It is my greatest hope that each and every dancer that finds my site can learn something that will shape his or her dancing and uplift their life.  While I was a successful competitive dancer through the 90's, my passion will always be teaching.  Enjoy! ~ Sonny

Below are dance diagrams and definitions - a great place to get your mind started on dancing.

 1. Rhythm: a recurring sequence of time intervals. (ssqq,sqq,qq,qqs). This also deals with the speed of our legs and feet.

2. Tempo: speed of music, measures per minute.

3. Timing: the action that occurs when dancers match their rhythm to the tempo of the music.

Body Contraction in Dance

Body Contraction

Body Rotation in Dance

Body Rotation

Click here for another great diagram on Short Cuts through the Mechanics...


Sonny is a real inspiration in dance and in life.  He has a holistic approach to dance and I always feel so much better after spending an hour of dance time with him.  I have learned so much from him- I love how he focuses on technique and I always have so much fun with his creative choreography.  I appreciate that he challenges me to continually stretch myself and improve my dancing and my life. - Laura H.